The Truth About Moving Overseas


I’ve recently moved to Australia from Canada, and it’s been a bitter-sweet couple of months so far. Anyone else who’s moved overseas and spent time living abroad can testify to this!

While it feels living abroad feels like a grand adventure at first, after some time the dream dies down and reality sets in.

Australia Becoming Home

I definitely feel at home here in Brisbane, partly because my fiance was born and bred here so that adds a level of comfort. He knows the ins and outs of this city without having to try as hard as I do. ย Being with a local who can take the lead and explain how things work is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Also, there’s just something about Australia. I lived around here for three months about a year and a half ago, I loved it then and I love it now.ย I’m definitely over the honeymoon phase of the move, where everything is so new and interesting, yet I still find a happy contentment here.

I really haven’t experienced a culture shock, which is unusual for me to arrive somewhere and feel relaxed and at ease. Perhaps it’s because Canada, my home country, is a fellow friendly commonwealth country? Maybe it’s the fact that the culture here is so laid-back there wasn’t much of a shock to experience.

The Frustrations of Living Abroad

That being said, I’ve had my fair share of meltdowns. Moments of pure frustration at how unsuccessful the job hunt has been, tears over missing a coffee date that my mum and sister went on without me. Even the simplest complaint of, “how can it possibly be this hot?!”

Flipping your life upside down and moving overseas is a crazy experience. As much as I’d love to go on Instagram and post a bunch of dreamy photos of palm trees and sunshine to breed envy in everyone back home, it wouldn’t be entirely truthful.

Despite loving my new home, it’s still such an intense experience to start fresh somewhere. The to-do list seems to never end, and the simplest of tasks can become the most difficult to overcome.

As thrilling and exciting as it all is, expats let’s be real – starting your life over in a new country is hard!

Yet, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, would you? And I’m sure within a few months I’ll have that itch again to buy a one-way ticket and experience the wave of excitement and frustration in a whole new away again.

What it's Really Like Living Abroad
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