Our International Relationship Story


I had my bags all packed up for my next big trip across the Pacific, and I was just wrapping up my farewells with friends and family.

After spending a couple of months home working and saving up after my previous adventure, I was bursting at the seams with excitement. I was about to spend the next 3 months studying film in Brisbane, Australia, with an organization dear to my heart, Youth With A Mission.

“Don’t bring back any Australian boys with you!” my friends joked as I hugged them goodbye. I laughed it off, but little did I know I’d be returning with a rather large souvenir…

Arriving in beautiful Brisbane for its season of Spring, the group of filmmakers and actors dove into friend-making mode, introducing ourselves and sharing about our home countries, as we were an international group.

Imagine my surprise when the classy blonde Aussie I’d been eyeing across the table was eyeing me down as well…

Over the course of a few weeks, we’d shared life stories, dreams for the future, and eventually, our feelings for each other.

I’d never have expected to start a relationship in a short amount of time, but God’s hand on everything was undeniable. If we had forced this ourselves, it truly would’ve been a train-wreck!

Spending each day on the same campus together, seeing the best and worst of each other as we dealt with the stress of our courses, our relationship grew stronger and deeper each day.

By the end of the 3 months, we knew we were in a serious and committed relationship. To many, this sounds very quick, but I’ve heard other international couples (or Christian couples for that matter) share a similar speedy timeline.

There’s something about realizing that you’re about to be an ocean apart from each other after spending a daily basis together. It causes you to speculate very early on if this is worth pursuing seriously long-term, since casually dating someone overseas is next to impossible. We asked the tough questions and had the serious discussions many couples save until after they’re engaged.

My love joined me in my home in Western Canada a few weeks after I arrived, and we then moved across Canada a few months later to help kick-start the film and acting schools we’d just taken in Australia, over into Quebec, Canada. We ended up staying there for nearly a year, and getting engaged. 14117698_10210535817777500_2211506366325421443_n

After our time in Quebec, we each returned to our separate homes to save up for our wedding and my Australian work visa. We managed to endure 3 months long-distance (which felt like an eternity), and are now happily reunited and building our life together here in Queensland.

Although moving overseas has had its challenges, being on the same soil as my fiance makes it all worth it. It’s crazy to see how far we’ve made it, and how many obstacles we’ve had to overcome since it all started. We’re so excited to tie the knot next week, and head off to New Zealand together for our honeymoon!

Our Story as an International Couple
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