Our Honeymoon in New Zealand

I’ve been a little MIA these past couple weeks, since I’ve just gotten married and been on my honeymoon!

As a travel blogger, I was tempted to turn our trip into a weekend of taking notes… Observing the best tourist attractions, or our favourite restaurants, but in all honesty I discovered a honeymoon is very different from any other vacation, or at least ours in particular.

While I still plan on sharing about our time in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, I’m afraid the content is not going to be as diverse and exciting as I had hoped.

I imagined that our honeymoon would be similar, if not the same to other travel ventures my husband or myself have been on – filled with exploring, sightseeing, and trying a new restaurant every night.

Truthfully, it was the exact opposite. Yet, it was one of my favourite little get-aways I’ve experienced.

Typically, before I head to a city I’ve never been to, I do my research. I read through countless travel blogs, dive deep on Pinterest, really build the buzz up for the trip. I make notes on my must-sees, explore a little on Google Street View to get the lay of the land, and read reviews on Trip Advisor. Basically, I’m a little overboard, but that’s how I like it.

Whereas this time ’round with our honeymoon, I was far too consumed with wedding plans and showing my parents around my new home of Australia to sit down with my husband-to-be and properly plan.

When we arrived to Wellington the day after our wedding, we were pooped, as it was the middle of the night. We didn’t bother trying to find an Uber, instead we just climbed into the first cab we saw, checked into our hotel and crashed.

The next day, partly due to exhaustion, and also because of the time change, we slept until nearly noon. I was slightly crushed – I wanted to go explore the city, yet the cozy bed was far more inviting than the windy winter streets.

Slowly, we woke up, rolled out of bed, and headed down to Cuba street for “breakfast” at a trendy cafe.

This ended up becoming our routine – sleeping in half the day, going for brunch, walking down by the harbour, then returning to our room for a nap, only waking again to grab takeout from a nearby restaurant and eating it over a Netflix series in our pyjamas.


When we slept in yet again on our final day of the trip, and I couldn’t believe myself when I asked my husband if we could have a lazy day in, rather than going out and riding the cable cars to the lookout point. We got ourselves some snacks, cranked the heater, and bundled up cozy for our final day in Wellington.

Not necessarily the adventurous, touristy trip I had imagined, yet it was just what we needed.

Although I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t necessarily see many of the sights, or explored the city more, I can also say our honeymoon was perfect for us.

It was restful and relaxed for starters. You really don’t realize how much you need to sleep after the craziness of your wedding until you start and can’t seem to stop. I learned to stop feeling guilty for being a lazy butt, and to enjoy it for a change.

We also kept our phones on airplane mode, and didn’t contact friends and family from home – sounds a little anti-social, but it really helped us to connect with each other and have true quality time away from social media. I highly recommend this to honeymooners, or any couple for that matter wanting an escape.

I learned from our honeymoon not to pressure myself into making sure I see and do everything, but rather to enjoy it. Even if that means spending most daylight hours snoozing, that’s totally OK!

There is no such thing as a waste of a trip, as long as you enjoy it and make some memories, that’s what truly counts.

Our Honeymoon in Wellington, New Zealand
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What was your honeymoon like? Adventurous, or laid-back?

Or, have you ever been on vacation and felt like you did either too much or too little? Any regrets? Let’s chat in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Our Honeymoon in New Zealand”

  • Firstly, congratulations on your wedding 🙂 This is such an honest experience about Wellington! having lived there myself I can admit sometimes it’s much more appealing to stay snug indoors than to brave the Windy Welly outdoors. If a relaxing trip was what you needed then your experience sounds perfect. You and I sounds pretty identical in terms of researching a place before we visit – to me, that’s not overboard but common sense 😉 Anyway, staying in much of your trip just means you’ll have to go back someday. The end of summer in February is a great time to visit!

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