A Day in Wellington, New Zealand


I previously shared about my husband and I’s wonderful honeymoon in Wellington, New Zealand, and our sloth-like behaviour.

With that, I’ve decided to share with you what a typical day for us looked like in windy Wellington (minus the mid-day naps)!

First off, breakfast (or rather, brunch if you’re also in love with the snooze button). I am known to get extremely ‘hangry’ without food in my tummy, so this is our first stop.A Day In Wellington, New Zealand

Our go-to was Plum cafe on the beautiful and bustling Cuba Street. We enjoyed delicious chai lattes, decadent hot chocolates, and satisfying meals. Seriously good food and service, as well as a great atmosphere to boot.

Once your belly is full and happy, I’d recommend walking down to the end of Cuba street, checking out the multitude of shops along the way as you head towards Te Papa museum. This is the dream excursion for budgeting travellers, as admission and the majority of the exhibitions are completely free.


Not going to lie, I pictured a free entry museum to be disappointing, but the locals we spoke to raved and said it was a must-see. They were definitely right.

Te Papa has many interactive and diverse exhibits, so gear up for a number of hours to go by in a flash as you tinker around.

Before you head out, take the elevator up to the sixth floor and enjoy the view of the city and the harbour. It’s a great way to get a view if you don’t have time to take the cable car up to the lookout point.


After you feel like you’ve seen all there is to see in Te Papa, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been itching to walk around the harbour area just outside the museum and enjoy the salty air.

To me, there’s nothing better than a little town on the water, even in the wintertime. It reminded me a bit of the beaches back home in British Columbia, Canada.

Finishing off your day in Wellington, head back up to Cuba street for the Wellington Night Market (Friday and Saturday nights only).

It’s a great atmosphere, bustling with activities, artists, and food.

Wellington has such a mix of people from all over the world, so the Night Market is a great way to experience this. I noticed it was rare to find a born and bred Kiwi, so enjoy the unique, melting-pot culture.

That’s what my husband and I’s ideal day in Wellington looked like!

A Day in Wellington, New Zealand
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I would love to hear from you if you’ve been to Wellington, or live there at the moment. Any other recommendations?

Those planning a trip to Wellington, what’s on your ‘must-see’ list so far?


2 thoughts on “A Day in Wellington, New Zealand”

  • This sounds like a perfect day out exploring in Wellington! Did you see the Great War Exhibition at Te Papa? Plum is a lovely cafe – a great place to experience Wellington’s coffee and brunch culture.

    • Yes, it was amazing! So glad we got to see it, it helped me as a naive Canadian understand more of Australia & New Zealand’s involvement in the War.
      I’m craving the cafe’s food still – so delicious 🙂

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