Staying in a Capsule hotel in Manila


Capsule hotels, first made popular in Japan, are now becoming a great option for budgeting travellers across the globe.

A couple of years ago, on my backpacking trip throughout The Philippines, I had the opportunity to stay at the Kabayan Hotel in Manila for a couple of nights.

Before I dive in to share about the capsule experience, I want to quickly discuss why this hotel is a great option for anyone on a budget heading to Manila. (This is not a sponsored post).

For starters, the Kabayan is very close to the airport, which means cheaper taxi rides, and that you can rest after your journey sooner. I can also vouch for this place and say that it is VERY clean which is always something I appreciate.

This particular hotel has other standard rooms as well if you don’t think the capsule experience is for you based on my review.

Alright, with that out-of-the-way, let’s jump in and I’ll tell you all about what you can expect if you choose to stay in a capsule hotel.

Like any hotel, you head on up the elevator, and towards your assigned room which your sleeping capsule is in. In this case, since there are multiple pods per room, others staying in the room will have a key as well. It’s still nice to have that extra layer of security, so not just anyone can have access.

As for the actual room, there’s 12 separate pods, (so you could potentially be sharing the space with 11 others), and it includes two bathrooms (contains a toilet and a shower).

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The capsules are in two groups of 6, on either side of the room, so you’ll end up with either a top pod, or a bottom pod. I had someone above me, and I didn’t notice any noise if that’s something you’re concerned about, and the top pods aren’t too high up or difficult to reach with the little steps provided.

Along with your sleeping capsule, there’s also a locker assigned to you, which is great for keeping your valuables and luggage safe even when you’re asleep or out of the room. They were a substantial size, able to fit our large backpacking packs, and we didn’t have any issues of theft.

Inside the pods themselves, you have a power outlet, fan, a light, and a little mirror, as well as clean sheets and a pillow. There’s also a  wicker blind you can pull down at the entrance for privacy and darkness which I really appreciated.


Laying in the capsule felt similar to a bathtub, with cool porcelain walls lining the inside.

I didn’t find it to be claustrophobic or anything, it was surprisingly spacious on the inside and I had room to sit up and move around comfortably, which was something I was nervous about. It felt a little strange at first, but I ended up having great sleeps because of the darkness of the capsule, as well as having ambient noise from the fan. All in all, it really helped me to combat jet lag, so I give it a big plus!

During our stay, there were still some pods empty, so we didn’t find it overcrowded or uncomfortable since people came and went on their own schedules.

We even got to make friends with some of the other girls sharing the room with us, it’s a great opportunity to make some travel buddies!

As a whole, I can say this hotel in particular is great for budgeting travellers headed to Manila! I felt safe and comfortable during my stay, which is what’s most important. If your nervous, consider travelling with a group or a fellow friend.

Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel? What was your experience like?

If not, would you ever consider it? Let’s chat in the comments below! 🙂

My Experience Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Manila
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