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Brisbane is my home as of the moment, and I can’t express how much I love this little city. I previously gushed about it in my post about defining “home”, you may want to check it out to fully grasp my obsession 😉

Since Brisbane is a compact city, it’s perfect to spend a day with some walking shoes on exploring all that there is to see.

On my first trip to Brisbane, nearly two years ago, I spent an evening with a group of new friends exploring the city on foot, and it went a little something like this. (Little did I know that my future husband was within that group!)

Shall we begin?

Start: Central Station

To start off our journey, let’s push off from Central Station. This is the ideal stop to hop off at if you’re taking the train into the city.

brisbane, central station

Queen Street Mall

brisbane, queen street mall

Follow the usual herd of people coming out of Central, and head down Edward Street towards the Queen Street Mall – not to worry, it’s easy to spot.

Queen Street is one of my husband and I’s favourite areas to spend an afternoon. You can  do some shopping or grab a tasty meal. It’s essentially a pedestrian street and outdoor mall, with shops and restaurants on either side, but that’s not all there is to it.

It’s a great place to people watch in my opinion. Park yourself down on a bench for a while and take it all in. The buskers, magicians, artists, tourists, workers, you name it! There’s a lot going on and it’s a lively atmosphere!

King George Square

brisbane, king george square

Continuing up Queen Street, you may notice a bell tower tolling every so often. Head up the hill, and you’ll reach a busy “intersection” area, where the Hungry Jacks and Newsangency is. Follow the signs, head to your right, and you’ll see King George Square, with its familiar Town Hall landmark.

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The city hall also contains the Museum of Brisbane, which is ideal if you’re wanting to learn more about the city you’re exploring. All in all, this is a great little area to enjoy the architecture, especially over by Albert Street Uniting Church, it is absolutely stunning, inside and out.

Victoria Bridge

brisbane, victoria bridge

After you’re finished exploring King George Square, head back to Queen Street, and continue up, following the signs to South Bank. Coming off the end of Queen Street, you’ll reach the beautiful Victoria Bridge which will take you over to the Brisbane River, to the South end of Brisbane.

Stick to the left side of the bridge for the best view, and also check out the Casino and Treasury buildings before crossing over, they’re gorgeous and impressively swanky.

The view of Southbank from the Victoria Bridge

If your feet are aching, instead of walking over the bridge, hop on a City Cat boat located at the base of the bridge. The fairs are totally reasonable and often free with your Go card! It’s a super quick ride from North Quay to Southbank, (our next stop) but feel free to continue the ride down the river, it’s very relaxing and a great way to see the city.


brisbane, southbank

Southbank is hands down my favourite part of Brisbane! There’s such a variety of activities in this section.

Enjoying the parklands along the river is perfect for cooling down on a warm afternoon, enjoying the breeze and shade. It’s great for riding a bike, walking, or just resting for that matter! If you’d really like, you can ride the Brisbane Wheel, but for budgeting travellers, I’d have to say the $20 admission seems a little steep.

The view of Brisbane city from Southbank Parklands

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, and perhaps you’re dying of heat, head to the Streets Beach next to the Parklands, it’s a pool/manmade beach area. I love this section, it’s so nice to cool off in the water while enjoying the view of the city and the river at the same time. You can even squish your toes in some soft sand for a free pedicure 😉

Southbank is also my husband and I’s favourite place to do a classic dinner & a movie date. There’s a handful of restaurants that partner with the cinema for cheaper tickets, simply keep your receipts!

Brisbane is one of my favourite cities out there, it’s got such a great atmosphere and is perfect for tourists from all over.

This walking tour is easy to follow along with on Google Streetview, so go ahead and give it a whirl!

Walking Through Brisbane, Australia on a Budget
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Have you been to Brisbane before? What are some of your favourite spots to check out? Let us all know in the comments below!


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