Reasons Why Travellers Have Never Had it Better Than They Have Now


It’s so simple to take the luxuries we have today for granted. While this is a broad topic in itself, I want to narrow it down today and discuss it in the lens of a traveller.

While there’s definitely plenty of complications that come with modern travelling, such as social media scams, or anti-tourism protests as travelling is now more accessible than ever, I wanted to spread some positivity and share some much-needed perspective.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I hate to admit it, but I really am not one of those people who enjoys the journey of travelling. Once I’m at my desired location, trust me, I’m living it up, but until then I’m a bit of a grump.

As soon as I start complaining, I’m often reminded of how good we actually have it. I mean, think about it. If you were wanting to take a trip across the country, chances are you’d be on a train for days on end, not a quick 5-6 hour flight.


Not so long ago, if you were heading overseas, you wouldn’t fly “over seas,” but rather you’d be on a boat for an extended period of time, often in uncomfortable accommodations.

That realization definitely keeps it in perspective for someone like me who’s gotten sea-sick on a cruise ship for cryin’ out loud!

No Internet

I love the process of planning a trip and researching destinations, but you can only imagine how much more difficult that would be without the resources we have now on the internet.

There’s so many tools I use when planning a trip, that I often forget to consider how many of them didn’t exist only a short number of years ago.

Besides being able to easily book your own flight and accommodations, you can search blogs like this one for reviews and tips about destinations, hearing things from someone’s first hand experience rather than trusting a brochure

I feel that travelling that way would’ve required having a lot of trust in your travel agent, or forking over extra cash in fear that the cheaper hotel options would have bed bugs. Thank goodness for the internet!

Less Expenses

Like I mentioned, without the ability to use the internet, you have much fewer resources, and you’d probably end up spending much more money.

A few newer companies that have saved me hundreds in the past come to mind, the main two being Uber and Airbnb.

Not having to pay full price for a cab when you hop off the plane and need to get to your hotel is a huge lifesaver! Whenever I head home to the Vancouver area, I mourn the loss of my precious Uber (it hasn’t been made legal in BC yet) and I’m reminded of how expensive travel can be without it.

Also, having the option to use an Airbnb (which is sometimes a bust, I know) is a great money-saving asset, especially when you’re travelling in a group and need more than just a single hotel room to split.

Girl Power

Although I’ve only ever solo-travelled a new destination a couple of times in my life (so far) I’m in total awe and excitement for the female solo travel movement!


I’m sure women have been travelling on their own for decades now, but my point is that I’m so grateful for the era of empowering women to step out and explore despite not having a travel buddy.

With this comes amazing stories and tips of how to stay safe and confident while travelling alone as a woman, and every time I read them I’m so tempted to book myself a ticket somewhere new and enjoy the solitude.


Imagine getting through a long-haul flight without any on-flight entertainment that we now have built into our seats. 13 hours in the air feels much longer when you can’t binge watch a TV series or enjoy a few movies!

For that matter, think of how much more difficult it would be to sleep and drown out the noise without having access to thousands of songs, audiobooks, or podcasts in your pocket.

I wrote a series about Surviving a Long-Haul Flight, and the first piece was about Carry on Essentials.  A majority of them are tech-related, so as you may imagine I’d be totally screwed without the technology we easily have available to us now.


As you can see, we travel-junkies have it pretty good now-a-days! While I may gripe while being stuck in a teeny little seat for 14 hours, all in all, it’s really not so bad with the resources we have available to us.

When my little niece was just born, I was able to quickly go online, book a flight, fly through the air for 13 hours, then bam, I was back home. Australia to Canada in a handful of hours. Imagine what that would’ve looked like a matter of decades ago!

We really do have such an amazing privilege to travel with ease, let’s never take it for granted. (Even if airplane food still sucks now as much as it did 30 years ago 😉 )

Reasons Why Travellers Have Never Had it Better Than They Have Now
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What has been your BEST travelling experience so far? Or, do you have any ideas for the travel industry on how to make the experience even better? Let’s spread some positivity and share some ideas and stories!

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