Reading My Bucket List From When I Was 13


Every now and then, I stumble on my bucket list I wrote when I was around 13.

I had the list, along with some “inspiration” photos pinned around the scrap piece of paper on a wall in my room throughout the years. While I dragged myself through the joys of middle and high school, it was always nice to take a look at my little bucket list board and daydream about my future, when I could leave the suburbs of Greater Vancouver in Canada and explore the world.

Just a tad embarrassing!

Some of it is a little embarrassing, as it showcases some of my deep “passions” as a gawky middle schooler, and holds some stereotypical tourist goals.

This isn’t meant to be braggy or narcissistic, but rather a fun way to reflect and also pose some interesting questions for you as a traveller, or an aspiring adventurer working towards your goals.

It’s interesting to have a look at what I have accomplished, versus what I couldn’t care less about now that some of my interests have changed, and also the meanings behind it all.

What Have I Accomplished

Earlier this year, I crossed off number one on my bucket list! My husband and I made it official and tied the knot. As you can tell, I’ve always wanted to be married and become a Mom, but I never imagined I’d meet Mr.Right so young (we met when I was just 18, now married at 20). No regrets though, let’s just hope I’m not surprised with babies anytime too soon πŸ˜‰

I’m proud to now be a published writer, something little me would probably pee her pants over. I write monthly for a couple of Christian based websites, and of course, I write here at Miranda’s Muses twice a week. My pursuit of writing really began a year ago so it’s exciting to see my progress.

Travel wise, I’m excited to say I’ve since crossed off quite a hand-full of items!

Shortly after graduating high school, I headed off to live in Los Angeles and The Philippines for a total of 6 months. Shortly after, I headed to Brisbane, Australia for a few months (which is when I met my husband).

I’ve visited places that weren’t even on my list to begin with, that I’m now so pleased to have experienced. You really don’t know where life will take you!

While I’ve most definitely left the continent and lived in my fair share of places around the world, there’s still some major things I’ve yet to do…

What I Still Have Yet To Do

As you can see, a lot of my goals revolve around European countries – that still hasn’t changed! I am still dying to tour as much of Europe as possible, hopefully someday soon.

I would also still love to visit Israel and see all of the amazing Biblical landmarks that I’ve studied since childhood. I would imagine it to be a surreal experience!

No, I have not worked at Disney, or become a horseback riding master, but all in all I’m not too torn up about all the things I haven’t accomplished… πŸ˜‰ It’s pretty normal for some interests and goals to fade as we age and discover what our real dreams and passions are.

Who You Were and Who You Are

That being said, it is nothing, if not eye-opening to look back on your deepest dreams as a young girl, how some of the hopes are at the core of who you were, and still are today.

Others were fickle interests, or silly and shallow goals like trying to figure out how to walk in high heels. (Something I’m still very uncoordinated at despite being in my 20s now…)

The main goals of this little bucket list were centred around writing and travelling, goals I still have and still pursue to this day. They are a major passions for me, and I believe are God-given gifts.

My Nona said she was able to predict all of her children’s future occupation based on watching how her kids would play. My Dad for instance, was the kid who would smash-up old radios and put them back together for fun – he now works in IT. I was the kid who would write stories and have a tropical themed bedroom despite living in Canada. Go figure. Perhaps who we are as kids says more than we think. We are unashamed to be ourselves, and we know what we like and what we want then more than we ever will.

During high school, I definitely went off track, as many of us do during that time. I knew deep down what I wanted for the future, but of course I was preoccupied with friends and life.

I kick myself a little when I see bloggers who got started back in high school – if only!

Either way, I’m grateful that little me knew exactly what she wanted deep down – to travel, to write, to have a family and to glorify God in all that I do.

No matter your age or what you’ve already accomplished, I encourage you – make a list if you haven’t already!

It’s fun to look back on years later, and also will get you back on track if you get a little lost along the way.

Reading My Bucket List From When I Was 13
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What does your bucket list look like? Have you accomplished a lot of things? Or, do you prefer to “wing it”? Let’s chat in the comments below! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Reading My Bucket List From When I Was 13”

  • I can imagine the way your face must have looked when you saw that bucket list, nostalgic but totally happy with how life has been for you. May you cross off more items if they will make you the happiest. 😊

  • Great post. You’re right – making a bucket list is a great idea! Wish you all the best as you continue to cross off more items and move forward on your journey.

  • “It’s pretty normal for some interests and goals to fade as we age and discover what our real dreams and passions are.” <— THIS.

    I'd never have guessed you were only 20! You sound more mature than I was at 20 in your writing πŸ˜€

  • I’m dying to know if you’ve cut someone’s hair yet!! This is so cute, and a pretty sensible and worldly list for a 13yr old. At that age, mine would probably all have been horse related πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! So cute and I can imagine how much nostalgia you would have had reflecting over this. I’m not sure I have my old one still, but I remember ‘get married’ and ‘have kids’ were both at the top of my bucket list too… funny now that they’re both pretty much at the bottom of my list until I accomplish the rest of it – not because they’re less of a priority to me but because I want to give them my full attention without any regrets. Thank you so much for sharing this, it put a sweet smile on my face!q

    • Thank you so much! Haha, I was the same – I put marriage and kids at the bottom once I started travelling and then just so happened to meet my hubby young while travelling – so you really never know! πŸ™‚ So glad you enjoyed it so much <3

  • Loved reading this! I wish I had written something like this when I was younger! I think your list was really good and sophisticated for a 13 year old, well done younger you haha. I have soo much on my bucket list but atm I want to explore more of Spain (where I live right now) and also visit Morocco.

    • Haha, oh thank you! I’m sure if I had photos of 13 year old me you would see I wasn’t so sophisticated haha πŸ™‚ Spain and Morocco sounds like great places to explore! I’m in the same boat – living in Australia but I feel like I’ve barely seen anything.

  • What a lovely memory to have of you as a young girl! And wonderful you’ve ticked so many things off. There are definitely some on there I’d still love to do such as owning a VW bug and riding a Vespa in Europe!

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