Views From My Window Seats


I’ve been on a lot of flights in my life – some better than others that’s for sure.

But, something nearly all my flights have in common is the fact that I practically always have a window seat. Despite white-knuckling it a little throughout take-off, I can’t help but have my nose squished against the window, mouth agape at the view.

Recently, I’ve been scouring my computer for photos to use in my blog posts here at Miranda’s Muses. As you may imagine, I have a ton of shots taken from my window seats over the years.

I thought it could be fun to share some of my favourites with you! Sadly, none of these are top-notch high quality, but pretty none the less if you ask me.

I love looking at the diversity of each landscape or skyline, it definitely fills me with wanderlust and makes me want to book a ticket ASAP.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration and excitement for your next trip! Enjoy:

Landing in Vancouver, BC, Canada:


On my visit home this summer, I was completely awestruck at the view during landing! The beautiful mountains that BC is known were first seen peeking out from the cloudy sky. It looked like little islands dotted across the ocean at first. Then slowly, we were able to see them in all their brilliance, dusted with snow and lush greenery.

Taking off from Brisbane, Australia


I was able to have a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline from above, as well as the winding Brisbane River that snakes across the city. It was absolutely beautiful, and I was amazed at how close we felt to the skyline as the plane turned to change course.

Landing in Brisbane, Australia


These were taken on my first flight into Brisbane, the city that is now my home! This was such a special memory for me, I remember seeing the white sand beaches and turquoise water from above for the first time so well. It was all that I hoped Australia would look like, if not better!

Landing in Hong Kong


Sadly, since this was a short layover I was unable to explore Hong Kong, but it was a beautiful view as we landed. Seeing the ships dotted along the coastline, and the crisp teal colour of the water was so amazing. The lush mountains spread across both land and sea were especially beautiful.

Landing in Auckland, New Zealand


Sadly, another beautiful layover in a city I didn’t get the chance to explore! I was in love with the rolling green hillsides that were spread across the land, I half expected a Hobbit to be running past because it looked so picture perfect! 😉

Landing in Los Angeles, California


Not going to lie, I’ve taken the flight from Vancouver to LA more time than I can count at this point! Yet, day or night, it’s always extremely beautiful. I love seeing the city skyline and even some landmarks from so high above. For some strange reason, I’ve seen the Amazing Race finish line multiple times?!

Those are some of my favourites that I’ve taken over the years! I would love to hear from you in the comments below which were your favourites. Or, do you remember a certain flight you’ve been on in the past that was especially awe-inspiring?

Views From My Window Seats Around the World
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