My Favourite Places Around the World

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While I may not have been everywhere just yet, the places I’ve had the honour of living in for however short a time have areas that are dear to my heart.

Each location holds a special memory and feeling, like hearing a song for the first time in a long time, I’m often flooded with the same emotions I once held when I first arrived to these places whenever I reminisce or return for a visit.

Here’s a little list of my, “happy places” that are dotted around the globe, perhaps they’ll become yours too if you take a visit! 🙂

Stanley Park – Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park in the fall is my all time-favourite. It’s amazing any time of year really, but in the fall it’s at it’s most spectacular. There’s no other way around it, it gives me all the warm fuzzies and feelings of home.


For those of you who may not know, I’m from the Greater Vancouver area, so a day trip out to Stanley Park walking around the Sea Wall with the beautiful autumn leaves falling has become an annual tradition for me.

Being a BC girl, I’m a lover of the mountains and the ocean, both of which Stanley Park offers. There’s breathtaking views of the city, meanwhile you feel like you’re in a tucked away oasis surrounded by nature. It’s such a special place, so if you’re ever in Vancouver be sure to give it a visit.

Griffith Park – Los Angeles, USA

I gushed about Griffith Park in my post about Tourist Attractions in L.A. You Should Experience but I still think the level of my obsession is hard to capture in words.


It’s such a gorgeous area, especially up at the top of the mountain where the famous Observatory is. There’s jaw dropping views of the city’s skyscrapers, and it makes a busy and densely populated city feel calm and peaceful as you watch the twinkling lights from above.

I distinctly remember visiting there for the first time only a few days after arriving to Los Angeles to live there for the next few months. I was only 18, and it was my first time living away from home. I was so awestruck and excited for the months I was to spend in such a beautiful, crazy city. It still has my heart, and if it weren’t for the traffic, I would return in a moments notice 😉

Southbank – Brisbane, Australia

My favourite area of my favourite city! Southbank is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day in Queensland.

Facing the city’s gorgeous skyline and the Brisbane River, Southbank is filled with lush parklands, an area to walk along the river, a man-made beach, restaurants, you name it. There’s a little something for everyone.


Southbank is my husband and I’s favourite date area for that very reason, and it also holds so much sentiment to me. When I first came to Brisbane years ago and we met and started dating, Southbank was where we shared the majority of our early relationship. Now that we’re married and living here again, it’s always special to enjoy dates together where it all began.

Also, check out my Budget Walking Tour of Brisbane for more of my favourite spots in Brissie.

Puerto Galera – The Philippines

As the amazing country of The Philippines gets more and more popular, it becomes more blurry as to what’s a true hidden paradise versus a carefully staged Instagram post. Puerto Galera is my favourite place I visited while in The Philippines, the only way I can describe it is a simple, unassuming paradise.


A quiet escape from the busier tourist areas, Puerto Galera is tucked away from the noise. Mainly a scuba diving community, this area is very relaxed and enjoyable.

I only spent a week in this area of The Philippines during my three-month stay, but I am dying to go back. The beauty and the peace of the area is difficult to describe.

I went in depth about the amazing and inexpensive hotel we got to stay in, right on the water! Check it out here: Puerto Galera – The Hidden Gem of the Philippines

Lopez Island – Washington, USA

This little island, off the coast near Seattle is home to many happy memories for me.

Me and my two beautiful friends who have been through thick and thin with me over the years have a yearly tradition of camping on this little island every summer.

It’s the Pacific Northwest dream location, extremely quaint and homey, but also a little hippy-dippy. There’s great weekend markets, and beach side cabins to relax and enjoy the tranquility on.

There’s plenty of beaches to relax and listen to the waves on, and also some great hiking trails as well.

Eastern Townships – Montreal, Canada

My husband and I spent a substantial amount of time living in the Eastern Townships while we were dating, and there’s definitely a space in my heart for the quaint little European style towns that are placed outside the city.


While I may have died of boredom during the wintertime as nearly everything in the towns shut down, everything blossoms to life in the summer. Bakeries open their doors once again and create the most delicious croissants and pastries, vineyards offer tastings of their specialty wines, and cyclists zip throughout the streets.

I don’t know what Belle was whining about, little French towns seem pretty wonderful to me!

I hope this post inspires you to check out these locations if you ever are near any of them, besides my own sentimental attachments to these places, they are all gorgeous in their own unique ways and will not disappoint.

The Best Spots Around The World
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Have you ever been to any of these? Is it just me, or are they amazing? 😉 I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “My Favourite Places Around the World

  1. I love posts like this. Every place in this world can be meaningful to different people for different reasons. It’s so nice to be able to travel and explore such cool spots!


  2. I love hearing about people’s personal experiences and favourites because everyone is different, so it’ll be different for everyone. Canada seems like a lovely country and all the Canadians I’ve known are awesome people, so it’s definitely on my list!


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